Welcome to Bramham Gardens

Bramham Gardens was unusually built by several different builders from 1883 to 1895 accounting for the varying architectural styles one can see in the square today. 1-18 were built by James Whitaker, who was also responsible for much of Barkston Gardens.

These houses are actually on the same street as Bolton Gardens confusingly; heading East, Bramham is on your left hand side while Bolton is on your right! 19-27 were down to H.A. Matthews between 1885-6. Number 28 was constructed by E. & J.W. Sage in 1887, who also created 39-47 ten years later when they had more funds to do so. S.A. Cummings continued up the street from where Sage had left off starting with number 29.

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Short Classical Concert in Bramham Gardens

Architecture of Bramham Gardens

The square houses are some of the most interesting and intricately designed buildings in the whole of Kensington. The East of the square comprises a ravishing roster of Queen Anne/Gothic revival edifices which are still unconverted Freehold houses. One such house sold for £15,500,000 in 2010 and was only 8,600 sq ft! Based on average price increases since then it should be worth at least £20,000,000 now.

House Prices in Bramham Gardens

Back at the turn of the century, one could buy a full Freehold house in Bramham Gardens for only £2,000. So, only 10,000 times more expensive now then!

Over the last two years, the average price for an apartment here is £1,534 per sq ft and the best price achieved was £1,972 per sq ft – not much bigger than your computer screen!

Bramham Gardens Access

The communal garden is almost tropical with a dense tapestry of tall plane trees; which does make it dark at times but also gives it a magical privacy, as if you were suddenly in a fairy tale forest. There’s a wonderful children’s playground here and good news, Baxter… dogs are welcome too!

Click here for access to Bramham Gardens.

Events in Bramham Gardens

Each year, there is a residents’ dogs party for anyone two and four legged to meet, greet and wag at each other, as well as a delightful dog-themed Open Air Film Night which raises thousands of pounds for The Dogs Trust. Last year over 400 people came to see The Lady and the Tramp. We serve doggy beer and popcorn for your furry friends and prosecco and human popcorn for the less furry! This year we will be putting on 101 Dalmations on 11th September.


Bramham Gardens: You’re our favourite

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