Welcome to Philbeach Gardens

Philbeach Gardens was so named after a property in Pembrokeshire, the main home of Lord Kensington who owned the land, and indeed most of Earls Court in the late 1800s.

The beautiful crescent shaped communal garden at the centre of Philbeach, was originally designed to be a large mews – thank goodness that plan was altered!

A Guide to Earls Court Garden Squares | Philbeach Gardens

Resident’s Music Concert at Philbeach Gardens

Architecture of Philbeach Gardens

Between 1876 and 1882, George Mineard built numbers 1-31, 64-73 & 89-110 in the same white stucco style of his earlier work in Lexham Gardens. At the end of this phase, Mineard began building Brechin Place and decided to finish off 74-86 and 60-63 in a similar red brick fashion. Numbers 32-49 were built 10 years later by his brother Edwin.

House Prices in Philbeach Gardens

We found the archived sales brochure for Philbeach Gardens at the Kensington and Chelsea archives, particularly promoting gravel soil foundations and “special sanitary arrangements” from 1880. Back then, one could buy a full Freehold house for only £1,600 and rent one for £120/year !

Over the last two years, the average price for an apartment here is £1,085 per sq ft and the best price achieved was £1,538 per sq ft (by tlc!)– not much bigger than your computer screen!

Philbeach Gardens Access

The communal garden is one of the biggest in London, with over 3 acres of lush greenery including a grass tennis court for residents to hone their skills ready for Wimbledon entry in the summer. Unusually, the garden is entirely encased by houses with no street in between, and it is only residents who back onto the gardens and pay a council tax levy who have the right to apply for a key. It’s a real delight to open the back door of a ground floor flat for a buyer here and welcome them to a surprise Narnia for the first time!

tlc manage the keys for the gardens on behalf of the committee. Please contact Lakeshia Sterling-Henry  on 020 7370 4000 or email her on lakeshia@tlclondon.com to apply for a key and get more information on the rules and regulations of the garden too.

St Cuthbert’s Church

St Cuthbert’s Church is also located on Philbeach Gardens; a Grade 1 listed Anglo-Catholic edifice which, even for the agnostic, will be sure to drop your jaw! A gothic masterpiece inside, the church has a fascinating history and hosts many community events annually. These include the Gala Awards night for the Earls Court Film Festival, where Leigh Lawson and Dame Diana Rigg are our head judges, the Earls Courtiers’ winter plays and, of course, the Community Carols Service in December.

Services include
Sunday: Morning Prayer (9.30am), Family Mass (10am), High Mass (11am), Evensong & Benediction (6pm)
Tuesday to Friday: Morning Prayer (9am), Evening Prayer (6pm), Low Mass (6.30pm)
Saturday: Morning Prayer (10am), Low Mass (10.30am), Evening Prayer (6pm)

Events in Philbeach Gardens

Every year tlc host a residents Jazz and Prosseco Party giving residents a chance to meet their neighbours and enjoy some fine wine and music on a sultry Sunday afternoon.


Philbeach Gardens: You’re our favourite

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